Meet The Artist

Pueng Ragon is more than just an artist, she is a passionate conservationist who pours her love of the ocean into her artistry.
Pueng (Thai for honey bee) was born and raised in southern Thailand where she was immersed in the beauty of the lush tropical environment that surrounded her. Spending countless days at the beach in and around the ocean, Pueng's affinity for marine life was born. As she grew, so did her respect for the environment and her understanding of nature and our inherent connection to it.
As an adult, Pueng dove the warm waters of Koh Tao as a scuba instructor, and developed friendships with members of various local environmental groups. Pueng's work as a scuba instructor allowed her to gain more first hand knowledge of the struggles facing the oceans today. It was then that she felt inspired to do something with a greater reach to spread her message of rak tahlay (ocean love) and her creativity to the world. 
As good fortune would have it, Pueng had an uncle who happened to be one of Thailand's top traditional metal artisans, responsible for the construction of the golden fence that protects the Holy Bhodi Tree of Buddha, located in Sri Lanka. His vast knowledge and tutelage in the art of silversmithing would bring Pueng full circle in her desire to blend jewelry making and environmental awareness into her craft. Thus giving birth to Abeille Bijoux and the distinct quality and whimsical designs that she brings to her creations. 
Please have a look through her collections and see the inspiration for yourself. Explore the seas through Pueng's eyes in silver and gold.