Styles that Shine: Discover Our Thai Silver Jewelry!

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”, but it really should be called the “Land of Silver!” Thai mines produced over 50 thousand metric tons of silver in 2019, and Thailand’s history of crafting beautiful silver jewelry goes back for centuries. There’s a wide variety of gold and silver jewelry made and sold in Thailand, and it would be safe to say that jewelry wearing by both men and women is ingrained in the culture.

Of course, our silver jewelry designs are decidedly different from what most people would call “traditional” Thai silver jewelry. However, we take great pride in Thailand’s history and seek to carry on the tradition of making stunning custom silver rings, earrings, and bracelets. 

Ocean-Inspired Designs

One thing you’ll immediately notice about our silver jewelry is the ocean theme: you can almost hear the crash of the waves! We’re able to achieve the extraordinary level of detail you see in our silver rings and bracelets by casting real shells and coral found right here in Phuket. 

We don’t just draw inspiration from shells: we’re also inspired by marine animals. We love incorporating manta rays, whales, and sharks into some of our designs, and we manage to capture the graceful yet dynamic nature of their movements in our sterling silver rings and necklaces.

High Quality Materials

In addition to silver, Thailand is also a major producer of high-quality gemstones, particularly rubies and sapphires, which are actually different variations of the same mineral. These sparkling stones include the rare black star sapphire which can be seen in several of our designs. There’s a good chance you’ll never see a stone like this outside of Thailand! No matter what we’re making, we use authentic gemstones hand-picked for clarity and quality, carefully set in nickel-free sterling silver. Quartz, tourmaline, topaz, peridot, amethyst, and of course aquamarine are just some of the powerful stones we incorporate into our designs. Like the sea itself, our jewelry shines: and of all the silver rings Thailand offers, ours are truly unique. We guarantee that! 

Abeille Bijoux is a custom silver jewelry manufacturer unlike any other. Our designs are one-of-a-kind and designed for the ocean lovers and mermaids in your life. Interested in a custom design? Contact us.

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