What Makes 925 Sterling Silver Rings “Sterling,” and Why It’s Important

What Makes 925 Sterling Silver Rings “Sterling,” and Why It’s Important

Silver’s a beautiful metal, there’s no limit to the wondrous things you can make from it. Silver rings, bracelets, earrings: the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s not perfect. One could even say that it’s a little “soft!” Don’t feel bad for silver, though. It’s in good company: it’s more valuable cousin gold is “a little soft” too. This softness is a big reason why “sterling” silver exists. If you’ve ever wondered why some silver is considered “sterling,” we’ve got the info!

The Science of Precious Metals

Have you ever heard of 24 karat gold? It seems confusing: gold is gold, right? Well, gold is pretty soft, so it doesn’t hold up well when worn daily. To solve this problem, gold is often mixed with other metals like nickel, zinc, or platinum to increase its hardness. Silver is the same way: pure silver isn’t the best choice for the bumps and scratches that silver jewelry is sure to experience when worn daily. That’s why it’s mixed with other metals, most commonly copper, which is a much harder metal than silver. This “mixed” silver is called “sterling silver” and is measured at 92.5% purity or higher, hence “925 sterling silver.” 

Why Sterling Silver Matters

It’s important to remember that silver and gold aren’t mixed in this way to cut costs: it’s necessary to ensure durability. Although custom silver rings made from “pure silver” would be worth slightly more, they would look pretty beat up after a few years of use. When it comes to jewelry, sterling silver is the way to go: it’ll keep you looking fabulous for longer!

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